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In this project, each partner has set a multimedia corner in the museum, where visitors can find all the information about the project itself and about the other museums involved. The multimedia corner is clearly marked with a special project and program design and logo.  

  • New museum paths

Based on the results of the analysis of the museum characteristics, each partner has created a new collection and restored and / or integrated its exhibition routes. All of this in accordance with innovative methods, and the use of new technologies, based on common guidelines.

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The main goal of this activity is the creation of cultural-tourism packages for the presentation of each museum in the cross-border area. These packages are not designed for a target group of cultural character, but are designed to be accessible to a wider public, including families with children. The participating museums will attract new potential visitors in an innovative way - new technological forms of cultural offer.


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navedbeProjekt Openmuseums je sofinanciran v okviru Programa čezmejnega sodelovanja Slovenija-Italija 2007-2013
iz sredstev Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj in nacionalnih sredstev.
Progetto Openmuseums finanziato nell'ambito del Programma per la Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013,
dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale e dai fondi nazionali.
The project Openmuseums is funded under the Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013,
by the european regional development Fund and national funds.